About Us…


Founder & CEO

Chris has worked in the industry for over 25 years. Working for and with some of the largest Companies in Europe he has vast experience in managing projects of all sizes. His passion is helping new and small businesses get online with the minimum of fuss…and making Websites affordable for everyone


General Manager

Laura comes from a background of Business Management and loves procedures and processes. It is her steady hand that manages the day to day running of the business, especially when the Creatives have had too much coffee! It is Laura that co-ordinates the technology with the design.


Frontend Designer

Jason is meticulous in his pursuit of excellent design. Having worked on Frontend website design for over 25 years…his attention to detail is legendary, and helps the business deliver projects on time, on budget and with the level of functionality customers are looking for today.


Frontend Designer

John has a wealth of experience in Graphic Design having worked for Companies of all sizes. He firmly believes that great design should be accessible for everyone, and like Chris, loves working with Start Up’s and Small business helping their ideas become a reality.


Writer & Social Media Expert

Millie is the youngster of the group! She has limitless energy and enthusiasm, and is passionate about everything she does. With a background in Social Media and PR, she’s our resident expert on website copy and Social Media content.



Simon is our dreary Accountant. Fortunately he has no design skills at all, so we don‘t let him anywhere near a website. He’s pretty good at keeping the books though..and it’a him that manages customer accounts and technical set-ups.

Web Design for Start Up’s?

Do you have an idea, or products to sell? Are you a new business looking to take your first steps online? We love working with enthusiastic people and businesses with great ideas and vision…Why not get in touch with us today, and let us help you take the first step.

Web Design, How important is it?

Web Design, is it really that important? It’s a good question! Great website design makes a fundamental difference to any business. So often a poorly built website leads to a bad user experience which has a direct reflection on that users opinion of your business. In most instances, you won’t even know you just lost a customer!

What should you look for in good Web Design?

A good website should be clean, simple to navigate, and allow users to engage with your business. Regardless of the Industry you are in or the type of business you have, make sure that you have the right website, that conveys the right message, and delivers the right results. Why not have a look at some of the recent websites we have designed and built for our customers.

Website Design examples?

Have a look at some of our recent work and see some of the websites we have designed, built and managed.

What about eCommerce Websites?

Looking for an eCommerce website? We have years of experience, gained across a whole host of Industries and would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us for sensible, no nonsense advice on which platform to use, and how to effectively market your site

Our Team have huge experience is developing and building websites that deliver real results. From small, very simple sites promoting a skill or service, to elaborate eCommerce applications that drive revenue and engagement.

We’re here to hold your hand the whole way if you need us to, or you can take a more hands on role…it’s entirely up to you.

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